One of the most common questions patients ask , “What’s the difference between Dysport and Botox?” and Why Dysport better than botox?

We exclusively use Dysport for correction of moderate to severe frown, forehead and crows feet lines. Unless a patient specifically requests another brand of botulinum toxin, Dysport is our go to neuromodulater. Dysport, or as its scientific name is called, abobotulinumtoxinA came to fruition in United States about five years ago, precisely at the same time our aesthetic practice took off. And for the last five years we have been glued to this product, at first because of profitability, but now because we love it.

For the following reasons, we believe Dysport better than Botox, and hands down our favorite neuromodulating agent (NMA):

  1. Acts quicker
    Three days for Dysport vs seven days for Botox. I’ve even seen effects within the first few hours with Dysport. I like that. You spend a couple hundred dollars and see results over the weekend.
  2. Spreads more evenly for a smoother complexion
    Dysport’s diffusion rate is higher, therefore, the product leaves a trail edge effectively smoothening the complexion and creating a more natural look without obvious zone of non-treatment.
  3. Feels better
    Dysport users subjectively report a feeling of less tightness on treated areas than Botox users. You don’t feel paralyzed and after years of use, muscle contraction is intact albeit wrinkles effaced.
  4. Less expensive
    Dysport costs on average $4/unit, with a conservative treatment of 60 units equaling $240. At
    $12/unit and a conservative treatment of 25 units, Botox runs you $300. At two to four treatments per year, you’re looking at a savings of $240. That’s equivalent to a free Dysport treatment!
  5. More provider support
    Allergen is the manufacturer of Botox while Medicis makes Dysport. Medicis trains and keeps
    providers up to date with its latest products, uses of NMA, and offers incentives for physicians or other licensed injectors to keep up their level of skill and expertise. For smaller, more exclusive practices, Allergen simply does not provide a measurable level of ongoing provider support.
  6. More experience

As with any cosmetic medical procedure, a certain level of experience is required to give you the
best possible outcomes. With over 8 years combined experience, we are very confident in our application of Dysport for optimal correction of facial wrinkles.

You ask me, “Why is Dysport better than Botox? A quicker onset of action, better feel, a smoother, more natural complexion, administered in the hands of an experienced injector at 20 percent savings. Now, that’s a winning combination!