Patient Success Stories

As much as we have to say about the excellence in medical care provided by Seaside Medical Practice, it is our patients and their families who can truly speak to the benefit we provide to those who entrust us to care for their lives. Please read what a few of our patients have to say about the care received by Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani and Seaside Medical Practice.

I visited Dr. Yazdani’s office recently and couldn’t have been happier with the staff and with Dr. Yazdani herself. I was seen promptly, and treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. The office is very elegant and clean, and the treatment I received was second to none. I won’t hesitate to go back. It’s rare these days to find a Dr. that makes you feel like your time is just as valuable as hers, but you’ll get that at Seaside.


My mother is 86 years old, and in the latter stages of life she broke a bone in her back and went St. Johns Health Center Emergency Department for treatment. She was treated by Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani. We were all impressed by Dr. Yazdani’s attention and compassion, not to mention the excellent medical care she rendered. After my mom returned home she made the decision to switch to Dr. Yazdani as her primary care physician. This decision has changed so many things about my mom’s life. Dr. Yazdani switched some of the medications she was on, helping her tremendously. In the hospital my mom weighed 75 pounds and following treatment with Dr. Yazdani, she gained 12 much-needed pounds. She has been a true blessing to my mother and to my entire family. On my mom’s first office visit Dr. Yazdani spent nearly a full hour with her, both talking and listening to what my mom had to say. I can’t begin to explain what this meant to my mom. I am, and will always be grateful to Dr. Yazdani for what she has meant to my mother. She is a unique person and a special doctor and for that we are all thankful.


It is important that you know how much I appreciate the kindness, care, and compassion shown to me by Dr. Yazdani. Thank you so much!


The first time I entered Seaside Medical Practice, I was keenly aware of the warm and inclusive tone that has been created within the facility. The attractive outer-office environment, the warm, attentive staff you have selected, and the sweet offerings of tea, water, etc. on the table in the waiting room all communicate your vision of a medical practice ‘where the focus is on the patient.


Thank you very much for the lecture Dr. Yazdani provided on the topic of Chronic Kidney Disease. The audience felt the talk was very informative and helpful.


Each time I have been in Dr. Yazdani’s examination room, I have felt like I am the ‘world’ to her at that particular time. I am confident other patients feel the same way.


I just wanted to say that Dr. Yazdani has been wonderful to me. Not only was she there for me in the hospital, but in the clinic she listened to what I had to say and took what I said to her wonderful heart. Dr. Yazdani has been great to me and I think she is a great doctor and a wonderful person.”


Dr. Yazdani and her staff make it a pleasure to come to the doctor’s office. I look forward to seeing them whenever I come.


Dr. Yazdani and her staff provided me with such valuable care during my dad’s last illness. It meant so much to our family that they had such sympathy and empathy throughout it all. We appreciate the time they took for all of the little ‘extras’ we needed, which made dad’s passing a bit easier for us all.


I truly appreciate Dr. Yazdani’s care for me while I was in the St. John’s emergency room on Mother’s Day. She took the time to check on me the following day, and I very much appreciate the time she spent as well as the research she performed with respect to my condition.


The savvy use of technology at Seaside Medical Practice seamlessly supports their work and helps track the important medical details, however Dr. Yazdani and her staff are amazingly able to listen and record with their hearts as well.


We sincerely appreciate all that Dr. Yazdani and her staff did for our family.


I sincerely appreciate Dr. Yazdani’s kindness, care, and compassion.


Dr. Yazdani provided me with expert care and it is my privilege to refer to her as my doctor. She is a very knowledgeable and skilled physician, however it is her empathy and rapt attention to her patients, as well as her loving focus on the ‘whole’ person that make her such a talented diagnostician and a trusted professional.


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