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You can take control of the way you age.

Working with a highly trained Physician
these symptoms are easily correctable,
bringing your hormones back in balance to
work toward optimal health and wellness.


improvement in quality of life
after starting treatment

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?


Weight Gain

Foggy Memory

Decrease in Muscle Mass

Low Libido

Hair Loss

Decreased Energy


Poor Sleep

Our treatment program

Physical Exam

A physical exam is first performed and a customized
treatment plan is developed.

Lab Panel

Our treatment program begins with a full panel of lab tests
that are analyzed by Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani, a Santa Monica
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Doctor, who identifies any
hormone imbalances and/or deficiencies present in your

Medications and Wellness Aids

Any necessary medications are prescribed by Dr. Yazdani, at
either a trusted compounding pharmacy or your local
pharmacy. We also carry a wide variety of vitamins and
wellness aids to supplement your treatment protocol.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

All of us begin to experience hormone imbalances as we age- it’s completely natural. While many of us begin to feel the symptoms
of these changes in our 40’s, some of us may be effected earlier or even later in life. These symptoms are typically written off as
the classic conditions of aging. The good news is- you can take control of the way you age! Working with a highly trained Physician
these symptoms are easily correctable, bringing your hormones back in balance to work toward optimal health and wellness.

Loosely defined, bioidentical hormones are synthesized drugs delivered in various formats, and that are identical in molecular
structure to hormones found in your body in natural form. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is considered a more
“natural” approach to treatment as they act in the body just the same as the natural hormones we produce. They are not altered in
form, are typically compounded by private compounding pharmacies, or available in FDA-regulated pharmaceutical manufacturers.

At Seaside Medical Practice in Santa Monica, each program is as unique as our patients, with a custom tailored program made
specifically for you. They include hormones such as different estrogen combinations, Levothyroxine/lithothyronine combination,
growth hormone, testosterone and DHEA to name a few. Treatable conditions range from premenstrual syndrome, menopause,
fatigue, testosterone deficiency, muscle enhancement, low thyroid state and relative growth hormone deficiency.
With over 10 years experience treating thousands of hormone patients in our Santa Monica practice, we can reliably say this
method of therapy creates positive health outcomes in a relatively short period of time.

If you’re considering becoming a patient, consider all your options, learn from others, read scientific articles, discuss them with your
medical provider. Most importantly, go to someone who has knowledge, experience and compassion to be able to offer you the
best and safest clinical outcomes.

“The savvy use of technology at Seaside Medical Practice seamlessly supports
their work and helps track the important medical details, however Dr. Yazdani and her staff are amazingly able to listen and record with their hearts as well.”


Verified Patient

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