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If you view your health as your #1 asset, you may choose to have a closer relationship with your physician. A better
doctor-patient relationship can help you embrace a proactive approach to healthcare, as you will have a doctor who
knows your health background and medical history and is only a call away.

For this reason, many Americans choose Membership Based Practices over the status quo. So, what
makes a membership based practice or, concierge medicine, better than visiting a nearby hospital for medical checkups or when ill? Below are some benefits of becoming a MySeaside member.

Benefits of Membership Based Medicine

doctor showing what concierge medicine looks like

Improved Relationship With Your Doctor

Since concierge doctors charge a membership fee to complement insurance reimbursements, they don’t need to see dozens of patients to stay in business. Also, due to the patient membership fee requirement, concierge doctors have a lower patient panel than insurance-based or institution-based PCP’s.

More Time for Each Appointment

As mentioned above, concierge doctors see fewer patients daily than traditional primary care physicians, thanks to the membership fee. Since both doctors work for similar hours, concierge doctors will spend more time with each patient.

Better Response to Emergencies

Due to the high number of patients who require a traditional primary physician’s service, these doctors may not have time for emergency appointments. Furthermore, busy practices have coverage providers who answer after-hour calls and these providers are not familiar with your history.  Therefore, if you rely on a traditional primary physician’s services, you must wait until the appointment date to see your own doctor because they are always fully booked.

Thorough Annual Medical Checkups

The time your doctor has during your annual physicals can determine the thoroughness of the exercise. Since a traditional primary physician serves many patients every day, they’ll only perform the basic tests and review them at a later date. So, you may wait for your results for a week or two. However, if you belong to a Membership Based Practice, your doctor has enough time to offer a variety of tests and screenings.  Our providers spend on average 90 minutes on a new patient intake and 60 minutes for Executive Follow-ups. 

Curious About Our MySeaside membership?

If you want a relationship with your doctor, a concierge doctor
is better than a traditional primary physician.

All the benefits above make the a membership
based practice worthwhile.

At Seaside Medical Practice, we use the latest advances in
medicine to meet the health demands of all our clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our membership-based practice.

“I visited Dr. Yazdani’s office recently and couldn’t have been happier with the staff and with Dr. Yazdani
herself. I was seen promptly, and treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. The office is very
elegant and clean, and the treatment I received was second to none. I won’t hesitate to go back. It’s rare these
days to find a Dr. that makes you feel like your time is just as valuable as hers, but you’ll get that at Seaside.”


Verified Patient

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