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Seaside is a multi-specialty destination for all your primary care needs and more.


A membership-based practice tailored to meet the demands of the health conscious individual.

Our Services

Seaside Medical Practice, headed by Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani, is proud to offer the Santa Monica community and surrounding neighborhoods…in seven distinct areas: Internal medicine, Nephrology, Iron Infusion Therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Preventative Care, Weight and Nutrition Therapy and Aesthetic Medicine.

As a board-certified internist, Dr. Yazdani (Santa Monica Doctor)
specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organs in adults. Read more how internists provide invaluable care for the whole patient here.

Nephrology services at Seaside Medical Practice consists of the care of kidney related conditions including chronic kidney disease (CKD), peritoneal and hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy, glomerulonephropathies, diabetic nephropathy, electrolyte imbalance and hypertension.

 Here at Seaside, we believe with the right knowledge and tools, Preventative Healthcare has the potential to change the trajectory of your health in the most optimal way.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can alleviate symptoms of aging, like weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and low libido. Read about Seaside’s hormone therapy program and how it could help you.

Weight management at Seaside Medical Practice consists of a physician-directed, evidence-based approach to managing weight through a combination of FDA-approved weight loss drugs, lipotrophic injections, nutritional guidance and exercise recommendations.

We apply the latest techniques utilizing PRP, dermal fillers, and neuromodulators to prevent or reverse signs of aging skin, enhance natural beauty, and rejuvenate your look

The first practice in the US to offer comprehensive iron deficiency solutions.  Learn more about this underreported, under diagnosed condition from our experts here.

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