Our Mission


To improve the health of our patients by combining the latest advances in medicine with a
patient centered compassionate approach to medical care.


To achieve a facility and culture whereby only the most advanced and comprehensive care is delivered, growth is achieved through partnership with physicians who share similar values, andaffordable care is made accessible to those served through the practice.

Core Values


Seaside Medical Practice will exist within an environment where focus on the patient
is paramount and a feeling of ultimate trust is achieved by the patient.


Seaside Medical Practice will be available to meet the demands of a busy world,
offering access phone numbers, email contact, and online appointment scheduling.


Seaside Medical Practice will always adhere to the highest standards of compassion,
dignity and respect with regard to patients served by the practice.


Seaside Medical Practice will create an environment where comfort is the norm, and
the fears and burdens associated with traditional medical care are expelled.


Seaside Medical Practice will use the latest technological advances in order to
provide clinical and organizational efficiency as well as the highest level of quality to
all patient encounters.

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2319 Wilshire Blvd.,
Santa Monica, CA 90403
P: 310.393.5000
F: 310.393.5007

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