How MySeaside™ Membership Works

One membership, total healthcare.

Membership at Seaside entitles you to the kind of healthcare we’ve envisioned for all of our patients–the highest quality, most comprehensive care you can find in the Santa Monica area. We are your advocates for better healthcare, and it is our vision to provide lasting, meaningful relationships with each and every patient.

Why a membership fee?

The MySeaside membership fee is a fee that you pay to receive services that are not covered by most health insurance products. These are services that we believe to be an integral part of your healthcare.

What your annual fee covers

Thoughtful, thorough, and un-rushed appointments

Health is a complex, interconnected thing, and it’s our firm belief that no medical appointment should ever be rushed. All appointments with your doctor will be thorough and will give you all the time you need to discuss the reason for your visit. 

Access to your doctor

Extended telephone or email consultation with your physician with or without a related face-to-face encounter. This works great for medication adjustments, interpretation of diagnostic tests, arrangement of consultations with specialists, follow-up of an existing problem, a family conversation when facing difficult decisions, or just answering questions about your care.

Stay up to date

We strive to use the latest technological advances for both clinical care and organizational efficiency. Your annual fee allows us to make all of our patient interactions as efficient and meaningful as possible.

Insurance questions?

Plans and pricing for insured and uninsured patients.

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Membership plans

Find a plan that’s right for you.

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Our Blog

See medicine through a private practitioner’s lens. Check out our blog.

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