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Nasimeh Yazdani, MD

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As the founder of Seaside Medical Practice, Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani understands that excellence in medical care is just the beginning. In
order to provide care that is unique, and distinctly different from the status quo, Dr. Yazdani’s approach to patient care goes far beyond
lab results and clinical examinations. In addition to providing the best in evidence-based medicine, her standard of care focuses on the
elements of compassion, comfort and trust with her patients – elements that she values for her own medical care
Dr. Yazdani employs a direct method of communication with her patients, treating each individual with dignity and choice, as she
believes that the most powerful healer of one’s body is oneself. Utilizing over 15 years of training from some of the nation’s most
prestigious universities, Dr. Yazdani’s medical management is of the best in Southern California. A product of UCLA, University of Iowa,
and USC, her education and training is academically unmatched.
Board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Dr. Yazdani is a published author and has more that a decade expertise in areas of
primary care, age management and kidney disorders. Her passion to promote healing spurred a life long journey to self educate in the
field of integrative medicine and hormone optimization. Some of Dr. Yazdani’s specialty areas include: preventative care, hypertension,
nutrition, hormone replacement therapy, diabetes associated kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, anti-aging, thyroid disorders,
growth hormone and testosterone replacement, menopause, aesthetics, and IV iron therapy.
In 2012, she was recruited as Medical Director of Google Wellness Center in Venice, Ca where she supervised ongoing healthcare to a
unique group of individuals, Googlers, with distinct medical needs. The areas of focus included preventative and travel medicine, stress
and anxiety management, and urgent care. She collaborated with CHS Healthcare Solutions in Mountainview, headquarters of Google to
establish and maintain the Wellness Center in utmost standard of practice. At the present time, she continues her close relationship and
support as Google’s Collaborative MD in Los Angeles.
When not caring for patients at Seaside Medical Practice, Dr. Yazdani enjoys long walks along the beach, adheres to a healthy balance
of proper nutrition and regular exercise, frequents local restaurants, attends concerts, and spends time with her husband and two
children, enjoying the simplicities of life.


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