2023 Seaside Medical Practice Fees
Telephone consultation and/ or coordination of care with treating specialists $25 – $150
Same day appointment and/or extended hours $50
Review and follow up of outside records $25-$50
Prior authorization $25-$50
Prescription refill $20
No-show fee $50
Letters written on patient’s behalf $25-$50 / each
Form completion (employment, DMV form, disability, etc.) $25-$150
Each email or phone communication with your provider Level 1-$42
Level 2-$83
Level 3-$117
Executive Physical, new/existing patient (in-depth physical examination inclusive of nutrition and exercise counseling, sleep hygiene, individualized supplement plan, and age prevention). $568/$395
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Physical, new/existing patient (in-depth physical examination, ordering and reviewing of laboratory findings, customized prescription plan utilizing bio-identical and conventional hormone protocols). $568/$395
Executive or BHRT Follow-up Visit $205-$395
Coordination of care with home health agency, hospice agency, or assisted living $25-$150
Assistance with scheduling specialty test and/or appointments $30-$50
IV Iron Therapy $350 and up
Dermal Fillers $550 and up
Dysport $4.5 per unit
Jeuveau $14 per unit
PRP Hair Restoration $1,699
PRP Facial Rejuvenation $995
PRP Neck Rejuvenation $695
PRP Hand Rejuvenation $495
PRP Microneedling $695 per session

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