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Weight &

We have a physician-directed, evidencebased approach to medical weightloss.

Two thirds of our population is
overweight, determined by a body
mass index (BMI) greater than 25.


of our patients saw improvements within
one year of starting treatment.

What are treatment options?

Dietary Changes

Weight reduction through development of a practice
choosing balanced, wholesome organic foods, and
avoidance of heavily processed and unhealthy foods.


FDA-approved medications for weight loss such as:
Contrave, Saxenda Injection, Belviq, Phentermine/Topamax
combo (Qsymia), HCG, injection and others.

Hormone Optimization

Hormone optimization for management of weight including
thyroid, testosterone metformin HGH

Weight & Nutrition Therapy at Seaside Medical Practice

Weight management at Seaside consists of a physician-directed, evidence-based
approach to managing weight through a combination of nutritional guidance, fixing up
the diet with healthy, wholesome organic foods and avoidance of heavily processed
foods, exercise recommendations, and medication management.

“Dr. Yazdani provided me with expert care and it is my privilege to refer to her as my doctor. She is a very knowledgeable and skilled physician, however it is her empathy and rapt attention to her patients, as well as her loving focus on the ‘whole’ person that make her such a talented diagnostician and a trusted professional.”


Verified Patient

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