Huffington post called 2014 the year of meditation. After my 2 year stint as medical director of Google Los Angeles, I walked away with a very important book by Chade-Meng Tan, Search Inside Yourself. I learned about mindfulness through the practice of meditation and how I can apply this work to improve all aspects of my life.  I was skeptical at first. However, it didn’t take long to notice a positive effect my new skill set started to have on my relationships with friends, family and colleagues.  Meditation simply slows your mental dialogue down to the point of being able to hear your own thoughts.  I started to visualize my thoughts  flow back and forth between the processing part of my brain, to the memory part, and finally to the speaking part. I noticed that most times the thoughts never made it to my speaking brain, dropping off cold amidst the clouds.  And that was alright. Better than alright. It was delightful to experience the newly founded power of meditation bring my intuition to focus, generate new energy and stimulate a state of happiness.  Time and time again, research shows powerful and sustainable effects meditation can have on healthy living and youthful aging. My only question was, then how come we aren’t all Rao meditating on a regular basis? The answer is, in a way we are.  When taking in those long, deep breaths In your yoga classes, or pause to gather your thoughts before saying something mean, or when we take a moment to pray and give thanks to a Higher being, whichever you believe in, we are practicing mindfulness. But we can do more, practice meditative mindfulness better, being in the moment, focusing only on one thing. Not expecting, not receiving, not adding, just noticing and soaring in the achieved state of happiness.
Get the book, take a meditation class, or watch it on YouTube.  See for yourself. Meditation works! No