PRP Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that uses a roller with fine needles to prick the skin. This device stimulates extra collagen production, which can help heal scars and reduce signs of aging. Microneedling with plasma-rich platelets (PRP) uses part of the blood from the person having the procedure to rejuvenate the skin.  Many people benefit from microneedling for reducing acne and scarring.

We sat down with rising country star and influencer Andrea Vasquez to talk about her journey with healing her skin using PRP Microneedling. As someone who is always in front of the camera, it’s crucial for her skin to be in good condition and heal it from the root. Thanks for sitting down with us, Andrea.

Andrea Vasquez

Andrea Vasquez changed her skin with PRP. (Credit: @dreavasquez)

What motivated you to try PRP microneedling?
I have had terrible acne and acne scarring since I could remember and it always bothered me. I wanted to feel confident enough to not have to wear makeup 24/7 and be comfortable in my skin.

How much research did you do beforehand?
I did quite a bit of research and had heard great things about my provider.

How was your experience during the actual microneedling treatment?
I numbed for about 30 minutes beforehand and felt minimal pain and discomfort during the treatment. I’d say it took about 20-30 minutes to do the actual treatment. Afterwards, my skin was pretty red like if I had a sunburn and felt some irritation but that subsided after 3 days where I was able to start my normal skin routine again.

How long did it take you to experience results from microneedling?
It took about 6-8 weeks to really see my results, and overtime they kept getting better. I had to do several treatments of course but have been happy with them!

How have your results been?
My results have been great, the scars have started to flatten out over the course of several treatments and lighten up as well. My breakouts are incredibly rare which is new for me.

Are you happy you did PRP microneedling?
I’m so happy I decided to do this treatment as well as complimenting it with medical grade skincare that only boosted those result


• PRP Therapy uses your own blood thus eliminates the risk of allergic reaction
• Collagen production is stimulated over 6 weeks: reducing and softening scars,lines & wrinkles
• There is little or no swelling or bruising
• PRP Therapy can be used to treat any body area without side effects
• Both men & women benefit & experience a more youthful look


This is immediately following the procedure, you can see visible acne scaring on cheeks, nose and in between brows.

A few weeks after the procedure, you can see a drastic difference in the skin’s texture.
The skin is smooth, even, glowing and acne scars have vanished.


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