by Nasimeh Yazdani, M.D

Seaside Medical Practice is proud to announce acquisition of the leading body composition analyzer, Seca mBCA 514, a medical grade scale that measures detailed body composition with impedance technology in less than 20 seconds.  Tested by scientists to advance knowledge of the cellular health of your body, mBCA 514 gauges various components of your body such as fat, muscle, and water with up to 98% accuracy when compared to traditional models.  We are now able to objectively  visualize changes in your composition and monitor therapies accordingly.  Whether your health goal is losing weight, or gaining muscle, we are now equipped to offer better solutions with one easy step of ‘stepping on a scale’.  In addition, we are able to assess your hydration status, an important clue to cell’s vitality and kidney health.

Here’s how the Seca mBCA 514 machine works in detail. Bioelectrical impedance analysis otherwise known as BIA is based on principles of resistance across body parts by sending electrical current and receiving a signal back.  Various components have different electrical current activity or impedance flow.  Whereas lean tissue such as muscle has large amount of water and electrolytes, fat and bone are insulators with low conductivity.  BIA calculates the various signals and computes your individualized measurements in comparison to general population.

Objective data obtained in less than 1 minute:

Fat mass (FM)

Skeletal muscle mass values are provided individually to detect wide discrepancy between limb or torso.  Measurements over several points in time plays a key role in nutritional medicine because gaining muscle mass positively influences body’s energy.

Fat free mass (FFM)

Percent of fat mass with respect to total body components.  Monitoring of FFM during weight loss program allows better assessment of fat loss, an important determinant as our goal is to lower fat but increase muscle mass with diet and exercise.  The body composition chart depicts the change over time.

Visceral fat

Waist circumference measurements taken each time on scale. Strongly associated with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, excess cortisol,  and type 2 diabetes.


Precise measurement of resting and active energy expenditure tells us how many calories per day needed to maintain current status, and gives us benchmark to plan therapy for weight loss.

Total body water (TBW)

Detects edema, and whether weight increase or decrease is related to state of hydration as opposed to fat mass


Bioelectrical impedance vector analysis provides information about the state of hydration and the body cell mass.  We are able to detect with high degree of accuracy whether there is malnutrition or if an intervention by means of infusions is necessary.

Phase angle

A calculated measurement that shows condition of cells, for example in case of malnutrition the phase angle will be low. The healthier your cells are, the higher the phase angle.