NAD+ Infusion

Now offered at Seaside Medical Practice

Are you struggling with mental fog, low energy, addiction, the effects of accelerated aging, or general sense of anxiety?

NAD+ Infusion could be the solution you’ve been searching for!

NAD+ plays a role in more than 500 enzymatic reactions, including energy production,

metabolism, aging, gene expression, stress response, cell signaling, cell survival, and DNA repair.

Patients who have gotten NAD+ Infusion have experienced results in the following areas:


Improved brain function, faster processing, sharper memory, accelerated senses, increased creativity.


Restoration of the energy you used to have when you were younger, greater sense of well-being and vitality, eagerness to take
on the day.


Anti Aging

Repairs DNA, preserves good working condition of your DNA.

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NAD+ is available in 3 forms
at Seaside Medical Practice:

Oral Pills

Intramuscular Injection

NAD+ 500mg
Slow Infusion

“In these first 6 months of offering NAD+ infusion to MySeaside members, we’ve been extremely thrilled with the effectiveness of NAD. Patients of all ages from 30-92 have given it a try and some have already completed subsequent sessions. This is a scientifically proven method of increasing your NAD levels and the results are immediate and profound. We’re excited to be at the cutting edge of therapeutics with NAD, a natural solution for conditions such as fatigue, chronic illness, memory impairment and anxiety.”

-Nasimeh Yazdani M.D.

“I experienced a sense of wellbeing
that I haven’t felt since my 20’s.”

Magda U.

Verified Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)?
NAD+ is a coenzyme present in all living cells.
Why is NAD+ critical for healthy aging?
As we age, our NAD+ levels naturally decline. Adding insult to injury, there is an association between lower levels of NAD+ and Type 2 Diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and various age-related diseases. In short, lower NAD+ levels can result in “epigenetic malfunctions.
What happens when NAD+ levels are increased?

Increasing NAD+ levels results in increased sirtuin activity, which in turn results in:

Improved mitochondrial function
Mediated inflammation
Healthy stress response
Improved cardiovascular and neurological function
Extended lifespan

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