Seaside Medical Practice was founded in 2008 as a professional corporation owned by Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani, MD, a board certified internist and nephrologist. Seaside Medical Practice provides primary care medical services to a broad spectrum of patients ages 18 and above, specializing in the domains of internal medicine, nephrology, weight management, and aesthetic medicine.

Seaside Medical Practice is located in the heart of the Santa Monica Medical Plaza.  The practice features a contemporary suite which emphasizes comfort and privacy, accentuated by an inviting waiting room, light refreshments, and four private treatment rooms, one exclusively built for cosmetic procedures. You’ll feel relaxed and comfortable as nature movies play on flat-screen TVs.

Seaside Medical Practice holds insurance contracts with a broad range of payers in the Southern California market and gladly submits insurance claims on behalf of patients of the practice. Please visit our insurance page to view a list of insurance companies currently contracted with Seaside Medical Practice.

In addition to traditional medical services billed to 3rd party payers (insurance), Seaside Medical Practice is pleased to provide a service known as MySeaside™.  MySeaside™ offers two plans priced to fit any budget and set of health needs.

Healthcare membership plans for every budget.

MySeaside™ Plans