Seaside Medical Practice provides medical care for the Santa Monica community in four distinct areas: Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Weight and Nutrition Therapy, and Regenerative Services.

Internal medicine at Seaside Medical Practice in Santa Monica, CA.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine health care services at Seaside Medical Practice include general medical care for adults ages 17+, annual physical exams, preoperative physical examinations, work physicals, and other “as needed” medical care. In addition, we specialize in cholesterol disorders, diabetes and prediabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, and healthy aging. Our office is ranked by colleagues as one of the best in Santa Monica for General Internal Medicine.

Nephrology care at Seaside Medical Practice in Santa Monica, CA.


Medical Practice consists of the care of kidney related conditions including chronic kidney disease, hypertension (elevated blood pressure), diabetic nephropathy, hospital associated renal failure, sodium and electrolyte management, and glomerulopathies.

Weight management and nutrition therapy at Seaside Medical Practice in Santa Monica, CA.

Weight & Nutrition Therapy

Weight management at Seaside consists of a physician-directed, evidence-based approach to managing weight through a combination of nutritional guidance, exercise recommendations, and medication management.

Healthy Aging Program of Seaside Medical Practice in Santa Monica, CA.

Health Aging

Aesthetic Medicine is a developing clinical subspecialty and field in scientific research aimed at the use of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to enhance patients’ satisfaction with their physical appearance. Anti-aging medical care at Seaside Medical Practice includes the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and anti-wrinkle treatments including Dysport® and Juvederm®.