At Seaside Medical Practice, preventative care goes beyond the standard annual exam, mammography, colonoscopy and vaccinations. Those are a given. We believe most importantly that preventing disease starts with an active lifestyle, wholesome nutrition, balanced hormones and a healthy dose of quality vitamins.

Excess toxins, highly processed foods, inactivity, unabated stress, and lack of proper sleep are elements of poor health we focus on during our clinical assessments. We provide education to the patient as we discuss labs, not just “your results are normal.” By so doing, we discover subtle variations in normal ranges that could signal impending illness. Then as a team, the patient and provider start to implement evidence-based lifestyle changes including dietary and exercise, supplement selection for optimization of health, and or medication to prevent the onset of disease. In turn, we realize the most gratifying experience which stems from positive outcomes and a healthier individual.

Optimization of health is preventative medicine.