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What is Preventative Care?

Preventative care is the care you receive to prevent diseases, illnesses or other medical conditions from happening.

At Seaside Medical Practice, Preventative Care goes beyond the standard annual exam, mammography, colonoscopy and vaccinations. Those are a given. We believe disease prevention starts with an active lifestyle, wholesome nutrition, balanced hormones and a healthy dose of quality vitamins. 

Excess toxins, highly processed foods, inactivity, unabated stress, and lack of proper sleep are elements of poor health we focus on during our clinical assessments. Through comprehensive laboratory and genetic testing, we find a window into your body’s inner workings and discover subtle variations which may signal impending illness.  Unlike traditional practice, we provide education on the results, not just leave a voicemail that “your results are normal.” And unlike the status quo of rushed physicals, Annual Exams at Seaside take considerably more time and effort. The patients we see become an integral part of their wellness trajectory as we work together to implement evidence-based lifestyle changes, supplement selection, and or medication to prevent the onset of disease.

“Optimization of health is preventative medicine.” -Dr. Yazdani

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