Rand Rusher is one of the leading and most talked about injectors in the game right now, and for good reason, he is the pioneer of online beauty website ‘Rush to Beauty’ and the star of Logo’s ‘Pretty Hurts’.  Known for his ability to to bridge the principles of science and the art of outer beauty enhancement, he has succeeded and earned a very respected reputation.  Rand began his medical journey as a registered nurse working in many areas ranging from cancer research to plastic surgery and through the years, he has made a name for himself in aesthetic medicine.  So, when I heard I could spend a day learning the tricks of his trade, I couldn’t say no.

I went to Rusher’s dig in Beverly Hills, CA on a Monday Spring morning to learn all there is to know about the new FDA-approved filler, the new kid on the block of aesthetic injectables, Restylane Silk.  Made by pharmaceutical giant Galderma, (Restylane, Dysport), Silk has gained quite a bit of traction in the realm of lip and pre-oral enhancements, so much so, that Hollywood’s best are knocking down Rusher’s door for more.

The morning rush hour had my heart racing as I glared at my car’s clock, eager to make it to my much anticipated teaching session with Rand Rusher.  I was told he is really good, “I mean really good,” emphasized my spa manager.  I arrived at the elevator and next thing I know, I’m entering right into the foyer of Dr. Leaf’s Skincare Clinic, in one of the most intriguing buildings of Beverly Hills: white, triangular, ostensive.  I was greeted by a twiggy assistant who offered me and the others a cappuccino.  “Of course, I can use another jolt of caffeine,” I expressed.

She took us back to the treatment rooms where the sun’s rays shone through ceiling height windows revealing a shadowy view of the tree tops of 90210.  The room was clean and crisp; green counter-tops with luxury knick knacks of a medical aesthetic consultation room.  I heard Rusher’s voice from somewhere within the semicircular corridor of the penthouse suite before he entered the room.  Rusher then began his spiel on all things aesthetic, from injectables to liquid facelifts, his claim to fame tv show, speaking ventures, and so forth.  He gave us the dosing for “Actor’s Botox”; softer, less frozen with a higher dilution quotient.  “Stars want to look fantastic without looking done,” he stated. I began to wonder how many of them sat in that same chair that my model is sitting in now, under Rusher’s capable hands, and mine.

Rusher showed us how to inject Silk, the method in which we have now discovered after several months of post-marketing use, can lead to problems of significant swelling in the lips.  He shared some insider tips with us, one that Nurse Lovely of ‘Skin by Lovely’ uses; dose the patient with steroids before lip injections with Silk.  Also, icing and excessive massaging creates even more swelling.  His knowledge of the medical aspect of injectables was solid, and impressive.  And he knew it.

Throughout the day, he happily shared his wealth of experience and knowledge with us, as well as his memorable and impressive ‘before and after’ photos from his website. The session was drawing to a close, when we realized we hadn’t finished all of the patients.  We were so focused on soaking up all of the information that Rusher had to give, we lost track of time.

As I was leaving, I asked him if he thought I needed anything done, he studied my face and confidently said, “No. You are beautiful.”

Nasimeh Yazdani, MD