In the 1980’s, before the Internet, PennySaver was the local advertising magazine of choice in my childhood city of Redlands, Ca. PennySaver patrons frequented our small family restaurant, Giovanni’s Pizza in masses.
My mother knew exactly when to release the coupons, right before Friday night the busiest night of the week. Our success was so much dependent on PennySaver that if we had a slow night, we’d be asking each other if the coupons went out this week.
The profit of those coupons came not in purchase of the coupon itself, but for the other items that went with a customer’s meal: beer, soft drinks, dessert. Yesss, that’s how it was profitable.
Now comes a modern day PennySaver with all it’s bells and whistle called Groupon. With a 80-90% favorable rating and combined experience of 7 years on Groupon, I feel I’ve earned the right to speak about the topic to anyone.
Groupon patients are an interesting breed. A person that expects a lot for very little cost may be an exaggeration, but not far from the truth. I wish someone will tell them that without the extras, our business will not do well. The drinks pay for the overhead.
On another note, never have I been told by a patient how to practice medicine as commonly as a Groupon patient. Finally, a true loyalist among them is far and in between.
I love them though. They are usually healthy, hard working gals with a love for beauty and health. I am stoked to offer them luxury cosmetic services at unbelievable prices. I always say, Groupon has helped make such previously out-of-budget treatments like Botox and fillers much more affordable today. Younger women in their twenties or thirties are getting treatments thought to be only attainable in their forties or fifties.
It’s been a fun and rewarding experience doing Groupon, where my true loyalist side will return to from time to time. In the meantime, enjoy your deals ladies.
Dr. Yazdani