I am your mother
I created you
Be good to me
Don’t trash me
Don’t waste me To greed
One bird, one jellyfish
One ocean between can swallow you whole
For Earth Day April 22nd, I suggest two things, one, we all turn our phones off for the day and two, we conserve water.
In order to reduce the noise, shut off all phones even for emergency calls (well, except if it’s truly an emergency . We don’t want this experiment to turn sour). Renowned author, Tom Shadyac beatifically illistrates in his book, Life’s Operating Manual” that quantum physics tells us all about the deep connection we have to each other and all other matter. We are indeed more similar in core structure than we are different on the outside.  Now picture in your mind the rays, magnetic forces, electricity, and superficial energy that radiates within our electrons and protons when our electronic devices are constantly on. Imagine how clean and pure the air may feel without all this noise.  Our electrons will roam without interference. Our protons positive, happy.  This spring, we spent part of our family vacation in Ojai Valley, a rural town 76.5 miles (to be exact) north of Santa Monica. There, you are surrounded mostly by mountains, tall Eucalyptus trees, clouds, birds, flowers and open parks. There were a few people, and a whole lot of stars. We felt the energy of the earth there.  Ojai inspired me to celebrate Earth Day by keeping electronics noise down as much as possible. The Jews, an ancient people have a tradition of not turning on anything artificial on Saturdays. That’s a trait we ought to follow.
Water. A patient recently told me that 2013-2014 rainy season was at its all time low. Pretend, for not just earth day but, most days, that you have a limited amount of water in a tub somewhere outside your house.  10 gallons or less. How will it change the way you shower, brush your teeth, drink water, wash dishes, or water your lawn. I bet you’d turn your faucet off sooner, broom your front porch instead of flooding it with water, and take shorter showers. Conserve this precious, more expensive than gold, commodity . We may not feel the rarity because we have been blessed with sound infrastructure for a continuous clean running tap. With this blessing comes one caveat, easy to forget and continuing to waste water at an all time high. I think Mother Earth is screaming at us with her earthquakes. She’s hurting for natural resources. Simple. Straightforward. Save water.