• MySeaside: Santa Monica medical clinic redefines health care model by unveiling patient-focused subscription plans


    June 17, 2014

    Santa Monica medical clinic redefines health care model by unveiling patient-focused subscription plans

    Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani realized back in medical school the type of physician she wanted to be. While studying at UCLA, the University of Iowa, and USC, Yazdani developed a style for practicing medicine that focused on compassion, prevention and direct communication with patients.

    “Early on in my medical career, I was really in tune with how patients felt and how we as physicians could be more compassionate with our care,” she said. “That can be missed in today’s medical world.”

    But as her medical career evolved into becoming a private practice owner, the founder of Seaside Medical Practice in Santa Monica, Calif. quickly learned her style didn’t always jive with medicine’s traditional business model – a model that required she spend less time with more patients.

    So rather than changing her patient-focused style of delivering care, Yazdani instead employed a simple yet innovative business model that allows her to offer better care to a fewer number of patients … and still prosper as a private practice owner.

    Yazdani did this by creating affordable and flexible membership platforms for her patients that, combined with other existing payment avenues (e.g., health insurance), allow her to address the comprehensive health care needs of her patients. This includes annual exams, care coordination, prevention, nutrition and anti-aging consultations, and improved access to the physician and personal health care records.

    “What it comes down to is being able to provide our patients with services not reimbursable by insurance companies,” Yazdani said. “We know there are certain restrictions to the payers’ health care model … and so we felt that the only opportunity we had to continue providing the quality of health care we had in the past is to ask for payment for the value of this kind of practice – a modest payment in the form of an annual subscription.”

    Currently, Seaside Medical Practice offers two subscription platforms – MySeaside Essentials and MySeaside Innovative – that are offered to all patients for an annual cost of $249 and $1,495, respectively. Each level provides patients with a set of services and “perks” not covered by typical insurance plans.

    The lower-cost MySeaside Essentials plan, for instance, offers patients such perks as unrushed appointments, 24-hour access to electronic medical records, phone/E-consultations, weight, nutrition and exercise counseling, and personalized medical care in the event of a hospitalization.

    Designed for patients with more complex medical needs, MySeaside Innovative offers everything in the lower-tiered plan plus additional perks, including 24-7 physician access, extended office hours, unlimited phone/E-consultations, executive prevention exams/physicals (with lab work), and other specialized examinations.

    “At Seaside Medical Practice, we don’t think this is exceptional service,” Yazdani said. “We feel this is how medicine should be practiced. We feel each patient deserves the best quality health care available, and this is our way of providing that without being tied into providing only services reimbursed by insurance companies.”

    Board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Yazdani has met the most rigorous criteria for medical doctors in the areas of primary care, age management and kidney disorders. Along with the belief that all patients should be treated with dignity and choice, she believes the most powerful healer of one’s body is oneself. In that respect, Yazdani’s acknowledges that her subscription-based model isn’t an ideal one for all patients.

    “The kind of patient who will benefit the most from our subscription-based services is one who wants to be an active participant in their health care – a person who’s engaged when we’re talking about their health and their life goals, a person who’s interested in aging gracefully and a person who takes the initiative to enjoy the the things they want to enjoy in their lives,” Yazdani said. “This should appeal to someone who is really focused on a happy, healthy lifestyle – who knows that health is his or her No. 1 asset.”

    To learn more about MySeaside plans and benefits, visit seasidemedicalpractice.com/myseaside/.

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